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It's a loli version of Rena
at ELesis I dunno just made out of a hunch XD
>>>My Elsword Fan Art<<<
HIna01 (lvl 53) - Rena as Wind Sneaker
ArchShifter (lvl 50) - Rena as Grand Archer
Fitz (lvl 51) - Elsword as Lord Knight
renren (lvl 46) - Elsword as Rune Slayer
zidsangel (lvl 47) - Aisha as Elemental Master
AliceChan (lvl 1) - Aisha (Stand by)
GearShifteR (lvl 50) - Raven as Blade Master
Knight00 (lvl 1) - Raven (Stand by)
Rikku (lvl 50) - Eve as Code Nemesis
QueenOfHeart (lvl 44) - Eve as Code Empress