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Originally Posted by Veggi
My turn, Why not lurk around it? Some people (mostly all) are waiting to see if Lunia will turn their frowns upside down and attempt to fix, if not; trying, to meet ends meet for players. Why not see others complain, cry and QQ moar about how something that wont come for a long time, Maybe others have information whereas others dont. Purpose for lurking is for information iirc.

(SingingVeggi isnt on the top Kali's but he/she versed almost all kinds of Kalis and won)
It's just that I had the impression, that people were "giving" up on this game. Might as well live on and actually forget this game instead of complaining about how everything was better in the past, which might be true in this case. Well, if that is the reason, then I might be able to understand that. (Not that it matters lol)

Originally Posted by iARE1337
I feel as if I'm being accused of stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. What's wrong with lurking the Lunia section from time to time? I already check out other the forum sections.
No, I'm not accusing you of doing something bad. I was just asking for the reason behind that. I wouldn't lurk around ingame in PvP balance, if I knew that it's dead. But it seems that people are still having hopes, which isn't bad.


I thought out a concept of how to eventually get the focus back to stages, but I will wait for the update after Iris and M6, before I actually start writing it down. There are so many characters and so much potential for new content :l I just hope, that allm won't throw it away.