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Default Loong

I played this game almost all of yesterday. It is a typical 3D MMORPG but for some reason it just felt really good. I have played a ton of 3D MMORPG's in my life so far and have never felt satisfied with them. Either the game progresses too slowly, the battle's make you feel like your watching Nascar, or the customization is just plain and outdated.

Loong brings something very unique to the table. I've only played for a day so far but from what I've experienced it is a lot of fun. This is a 3D Fantasy set in ancient China.

• Free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
• Dazzlingly detailed 3D graphics
• Challenging combat thanks to complex AI (fun combat!)
• Cute pets that transform into marvellous mounts (mounts aren't timed!)
• Weapons in a set change in appearance when the entire set has been acquired
• Enchanted kung fu combat with spectacular leaps and air runs
• No restrictions on character classes: players can learn or switch skills using potions (resets are very common and free)
• PvP battles and guild warfare

Loong | Fantasy MMORPG | MMO @ gamigo

Check this game out, it is currently in the Open Beta phase but the game looks and feels like its full release.

If you decide to try it, add Cravey to your friends list.

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