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Originally Posted by Finkster
That would have explained, why you don't know Chibisama, as he is one of the best Dainns left on glunia. I have seen him during tft times already and you don't even know him? Could it be possible, that you think that the best PvP'ers were gathered in your small elite group?

Top 3 Siegs huh? First you claim that you don't even use PvP rankings and now you are trying to tell me, that Kratos is actually in the top 3? Who isn't using the rankings again?

Are you sure you can make such a ranking, which everyone agrees with? I bet people will come up with different players, but you will be like "EdgePunisher is easily top 3", because you know him. But what about the players, who you don't know?
You're arguing about something totally arbitrary. First off, let me apologize for Miinus for not naming every single decent player in a list like you are; that is clearly important in the point he's trying to make...

If you played Lunia (or any other game) enough at a higher level, you tend to know all the better players. Now unless there's this illustrious, unknown Seig that only logs on at 3AM PST, and stomps all two people everyone in PvP, than can that point even be remotely arguable. Even then, if you have never played that guy, the name will be tossed around and chances are, you know of the person. I mean ShadowPearls's name is still thrown around and he's not even relevant anymore.

PvP is empty, balanced or not. No Chibisama is going to change that.