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Originally Posted by Minuss
carrot, tti
ten the rest i dont even know. and 5 people yeah thats fun pvp. not exaggerating. any ex-active pvper can easily name the top players in pvp and 99% of them quit.
That's exactly why I said and "many many more players, who I don't know/remember."
See, I already forgot to mention players like Rainbows already. Maybe you guys should forget the PvP level rankings and consider the probability, that you don't know all good PvPers yet. Lol, you don't know ChibiSama/FuzziFalcon..?

Originally Posted by buta
Herp. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's false.
That's what I think, too. I checked out PvP for a few times and even PvP'ed a bit too and I haven't seen any of those abusers. This has to mean something, if someone with stats below 500 says that. Some players even lowered their stats for me. I expected it to be a lot worse, from reading all the complaints on other threads.