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Default Capping for Dummies

Ion posted something abt this a while back...

This is only a theory for TW version capsules after observing for some time and after some degree of research.....

Here we have the typical layout of a capsule machine
1 2
3 4
5 6

1,2 and 6 are where the A,B and R ranks are usually(with the exeption of gachas 20,27,39,49,51,53

when capped, a gacha follows a set sequence. usually 3,4,5, [1,2 or 6] R ranks appears less in most cases....a gacha probably only looks random when it is capped by many players at once. other sequences include 3,5,4,[1,2 or 6] or when 6 is a C rank, 3,4,5,6,[1 or 2] or 3,5,4,6,[1 or 2]

if you want to cap based on this, do it during off hours(1 or 2 am +8 GMT) and in a less crowded channel.

EDIT: the bracketed part [] sometimes gets skipped.

NOTE: this is just a theory. Doing this DOES NOT guarantee the suit yoiu want. ESPECIALLY if its an AR rank.

P.S.:if 10 or more people says this is bullcrap, ima delete this

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