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Originally Posted by Sephiroth
-In the chat box, left clicking someones name will bring up the options "Block, Party Invite, or Whisper"
Just a correcting a small mistake you made

(Edit: Ninja'd )

-ALL hot-key/command keys can now be manually assigned to whatever you want on your keyboard! Just press Esc>Hot-key Config.
You can also assign things such as All Chat, Guild Chat, Buddy Chat, and Party chat to keys to save you from manually clicking them with the mouse or typing "/g" "/b" "/p", etc.
Apparently you can also seem to assign Fashion Shop to a key, but it doesn't appear to be working s:

Quests now also display the levels they can first be obtained at - I'm sure that'll save Pie some work come future updates xD

Another small thing added is the Switch Character option when you press "Esc", which saves you from selecting the server and channel again
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