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Default New User Interface! Info!

The intention of this thread is not to inform people of the new UI, but of the various features that come with it, I will try to list as many revisions as possible, if anything is missing or you feel should be written differently, please post a response.

-Buffs are now organized.
/Pet Buffs have a Blue Tint
/Food buffs have a red tint.
/Debuffs are yellow.

-In the chat box, left clicking someones name will bring up the options "Block, Party Invite, or Whisper"

-ALL boxes can be dragged to more comfortable locations for some players; or left as is for the veterans. Some can now be completely removed, examples; (Mini-Map, Item Drops Box, Stats Box, Quickslots)

-ALL hot-key/command keys can now be manually assigned to whatever you want on your keyboard! Just press Esc>Hot-key Config.

-Inventories have expanded to allow easier viewing and selection for players.

-Fighting bosses now reveals the % of HP the Boss has left, which allows players to approach each battle more mathematically than before!

-The world map got a makeover. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN GURLFRAN.

-The Shops now display items differently!

-You can assign things such as All Chat, Guild Chat, Buddy Chat, and Party chat to keys to save you from manually clicking them with the mouse or typing "/g" "/b" "/p", etc. (Fashion Shop can also be hotkeyed, but currently doesn't seem to be working.)

-Quests now display the levels they can first be obtained at.

-Another small thing added is the Switch Character option when you press "Esc", which saves you from selecting the server and channel again

-Waypoint Save points (For both Field and Town) can now be viewed from the Waypoint menu.

-Options allow you to hide pet HP bars.

-Auto IR block.

-Right clicking players gives expanded options instead of placing half the stuff under an offer menu.

-Skills can be 'locked' so they can't be swapped by clicking and accidentally dragging them.

-Maximum number of visible buffs is increased to 13

-When you hit P and look at the party menu, you can now see what everyone's job is

-Chatbox can now be EXPANDED from Left to right instead of just up and down.

Thanks to [Willz] [Kukiko] [MeanieRyuch] [Bliumage]so far for donating.
Give me more and I'll add them in~
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