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Originally Posted by NuvaXThrower
Will we have a random section for grandchase?
The people in the Random forum are being serious in my...
Three Word game...
someone put this in the game format
(Number): this game sucks
(Someone else): I know right?
then they continued the game with hates and rants on the game
others didnt follow the rule on recreating the story from 1 - 15 >.>
I find it impossible to work with the haters in the random forum,
they're acting serious in the game I created in this forum,
the game I made was for entertainment,
they're using it to hate and put rants on the game,
I would like this to stop,
to be honest...
that just proves the move was bad for me >.>
First off, the game isn't creative
Second, the game has too many FORMAL things about it to be random
thirdly, no one hates you, you just claim there is.
4th, no one is acting serious in random
5th, the entertainment for you doesn't mean entertainment for others
6th, if you want it to stop, start acting informal
7th, that's why i asked you to stay back on mychase.
And so a miracle has occured.