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Default Has anyone else got their account back from a ridiculous ban?

I'm posting a thread today in question of anyone who may have been banned on innocent matters due to some second rate, horrible, banning process?

I haven't been able to log in for a long time, and I think it's been about over a year since my account has been banned. I E-Mailed the admin at the time when I noticed this, and when I never heard from him or her, I said to myself, "Screw this game, there's better crap out there.".. and went to play another game, because I lost about $70 of cash shop items I loved (I loved my Christmas event set for 2008. It was so cute :<), a decently high level character, and 5-6 classes I made.

I didn't care much for trying the game since I couldn't get my account back it seemed, but recently I decided to check it out again, and I realized I actually still really liked it. I think it's had some improvements that's made me enjoy it more-so than before.

So here I am, still finding out my account is banned, and I'm just wondering, okay WHY? It litterally got banned while I was AFK for months... Well come along I discover from google that if you log into the account on different IPs, they'll ban you.

What kind of crap is that? Seriously? What kind of horrible banning system is that?

Yeah.. over 2 years ago...

I lived somewhere I registered for Grand Chase at, I went to my boyfriend's house (another IP) and showed him the game, I went to stay with some friends for 2 months (another IP), and played the game... then I went to live with a roommate that I've known forever, and when I tried logging in that time again on that IP, my account was finally banned.

So do they expect people not to ever switch IPs and play the game elsewhere?

So... Has anyone else ever gotten their account back from a ridiculous ban? I E-Mailed them 2 days ago.. If they don't respond this time, I'm going to be a little irritated. I'm not honestly sure if I registered with the information they requested for me to send, because it's been SO long since I registered, that I may have not even used my current address and real name for privacy reasons. :/

Oh and I can't even login to the website on my new account unless I'm under some IP changer, because if I try to on this IP, they insta-ban any account I create.

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