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Q: The word "Aegis" in "Aegis Knight" had its origins in...
A: Greece

Q: Elesis, Lire, and Arme are names that originated from what continent?
A: Europe

Q: What are Amy's 1st job weapons called?
A: Chakrani

Q: According to the NAGC website, who is Amy's secret admirer?
A: Jin

Q: You are how many years too early to fight Lass?
A: 100

Q: How many Elf characters can you play as in Grand Chase?
A: 2

Q: How old is cute lil Arme?
A: 15

Q: How old is Elesis?
A: 15

Q: Jin hails from what continent?
A: Silver Land

Q: Elesis's hair is what color?
A: Red

Q: Which Grand Chase character is referred to as a "pumpkin face?"
A: Amy

Q: What Bermesiah Dungeon is for levels 24~27 (on one star)?
A: Forsaken Barrows (It's really Forgotten City, but it was counted wrong for me for some reason)

Q: What Xenia Dungeon is for levels 46~48 (on one star)?
A: Xenia Border

Q: What level do you need to be in order to enter Sanctum of Destruction?
A: 40

Q: Which character hails from the House of Erudon and is 19 years old?
A: Ronan

Q: Which two past Gacha pets were re-released thus far?
A: Havoc and PePe

Q: What is the name of the evolved form of Madeline?
A: Mary Jane (it's a shame I didn't get her, after all the cash I dished out...)


I'm sorry, I forgot the rest ever since I started cashing further for the pet.

Once again, the question's wording isn't all exactly the same as shown on the Bingo questions, but the general idea is the same.

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