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I'll be posting mostly questions that aren't already on the guides.

Q: Myurin's pet attack gives what benefit to the player?
A: Increased HP regen

I actually x'd the question to see if I could scout for more, but then I used up my coin. FML.

Q: Mari is what kind of caster?
A: Rune Caster (I lol'd at broadcaster)

Q: Boss Gate chests contain:
A: Precious Pearls and Monster cards

Q: Fluffy and Buffy pets are obtainable through:
A: None of the above ( ;_; )

Q: What are gems used for?
A: Pet food

Q: What is the color of Dio's Seal Breaker Gem?
A: Amaranth

Q: Socket Gems are used to:
A: Remove monster cards

Q: The Tiger Spirit set ALONE gives what benefit?
A: None of the above. (Trick question--be careful)

Q: What item do you need in order to be a couple?
A: Couple's Rings

Q: Feste was available through:
A: The refer-a-friend event

Q: Aside from Ryan, who else is an elf?
A: Lire

Q: Lire's Aqua Armor set is in the shape of what animal?
A: Frog

Q: NAGC is celebrating which anniversary in 2011?
A: 3rd

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