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Q: What is the color of Lire's hair?
A: yellow

Q: Kaze'aze mind-controls which character that encounters her?
A: Lass

Q: Havoc attacks with a what?
A: Ring of fire

Q: Ronan is from the house of what?
A: Erudon

Q: What are the two biggest kingdoms in Bermesia?
A: Serdin and Kanavan

Q: What three players played in the Grand Chase World Championship 2010?
A: edesy, JRTSeven, and MooseInATree.

Q: Where do you first meet the Gladiator Sieghart?
A: Outer Wall of Serdin

Q: Sieghart makes his first appearance in what dungeon?
A: Outer Wall of Serdin

(I'm serious, those two questions exist. And I got them side by side. XD)

Q: Who captured Tian Long and chained him?
A: The Grand Chase

Q: Abingdon is a...
A: griffin

Q: Which item cannot be enhanced with a rune?
A: Cloak

Q: Silver Land was part of which continent until it broke away?
A: Xenia

Q: Which boss is a Memory Eating Troll?
A: Elizabeth

Q: Which of the following pets is not of flesh and bone?

The questions are worded to the best of my memory and are highly subject to error.

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