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Talking Shirase/Vashens here

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII union, hi everybuddy I know :3 including my bff lazz and my hg buddy maxpao, and my other bud the Lire who read manga (Kyziel). oh and HI MARU!!! +old guild leader, Kaz0 if he still play Q_Q

Well it has been some time, guys, I uninstalled this game a while ago last year. Mainly is because of what happened to me* (I will leave this for later, there's so much more to say right now). Guys got HG yet? :P

Not much to do besides get better items, already had a +10 weapon so the only upgrade was the 4-x and the drop is so hard to get >_<. Also, I didn't like that I had so much trouble finding a set of 'gundam' I was spamming chat so hard but I dont speak the native language so it was hard.

Was going to hand out my weapon to someone but there's a possibility I might come back, maybe when new skills come out. It was fun playing in the union! Really wish this game had a English version :0

OH, for now just remove me from the guild if you need space, including the other guild that was going on with mikado and my other alts.

(forgot my screen name was shirase for my eve, and shisnak for the lire, don't think i made a vashens on this game but if I did it was an alt)

*I was helping out a guildie, nicholai, he wanted a weapon, he gave me his old one and i bought him a new one, he said we was going to pay me back with cash and that never happen. :[ He was logged off for over a month so yeah . . .that was the tip of the iceberg for me playing the game so i decided to quit.

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