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Originally Posted by gawhie
If you noticed, almost all of the card images including skill cards have been changed ever since the Guardian and Card ID addition to TO, since you have the Jellyfish and Snow Lady Card you can compare it with the old images which I left intact of the cards we still didn't get to update on the wiki. About quests which are removed its pretty much useless to add them to how they were obtained since they are no longer around. Some of them are no longer obtainable or rare indeed, that's why we're asking for help from the trickster community. :x

And Jellyfish and Snowlady cards were previously obtainable through Card Battle.
I already uploaded some of the old images :| I think you are on Fantasia server because I can't find your name. So I will try to compare the card that I have with the old pictures and upload jellyfish and snowlady if they are different.
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