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A frown formed on Ergus' face when he saw more of the beasts rise from the lake. Suddenly, things seemed not so good. The big one probably was impervious, or close to it, to his sniper shots too. Regardless, he aimed for the eyes of one of the lesser ones. BANG BANG! And that was it. Time to just kick back and wait.

Soon, he heard footsteps getting closer and closer, and he looked behind him to see Larietta with two boxes of ammunition. "Hey Ergus, Claudia told me to check up on you and Jeanne and to make sure you guys were prepared and all... Uhh, Kriea said these are for you,"

"Oooooh, nice timing!"

"Is there anything you need before I take off?"

"A prayer or two would be nice, oh, and a miracle would be even better," he said while loading up his sniper.