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Guild: Frenchbread

The old guild leader was extremely happy due to the turn of events. It was a quick and simple conversation. Olifen and Ahrima were now back at the guild. Though because Olifen left he would have to start out as a C rank again. With everything done they rocketed out the door.

"Ahrima, you go on ahead. I'll catch up in a bit," He had forgotten something that could be useful to this. He ran back inside and raced into his old room. Feeling around with the vibrations, he found it. A spot in the floor that was hollowed out. He went over to it and pulled at it. Taking out a series of different colored vials. Sadly he couldn't tell the colors but he just have someone tell him them.

He raced back out and soon caught up with Ahrima. "It's big. Will you be able to fight it at all? You're ice is still weak and you're firing it useless against water."

"I'll be fine, besides, we're not the only ones fighting this thing," Ahrima raced ahead to make a path for Olifen, a twist of her foot and the soft sand below her turned into dirt as strong as a rock. They were about to fight with their precious guild once more.