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Originally Posted by gawhie
Time for an update! Card entries which are done are in the spoiler tag and whats left is on the list below. Thanks to MinaQ for providing some screenies for some cards! Still need help with the others though. :x
I have Card Girl Card and Robot GR-T21 Card. Card Girl card was obtained from an old quest in Black Swamp.
Card Girl - Card Girl's Request - Trickster Wiki
And Robot GR-T21 probably from card battle reward, but I'm not sure.
The monster cards 2 were obtained from old monster quests, 4 years ago.
Desert Beach Quests Old - Trickster Wiki
This is a very old revision. Search for "card2" there are a lot of them
Maybe there are person who still have them, but they are very rare. I trowed a lot of cards because of that stupid 300 limit.

I also have Jellyfish Card and Snow Lady Card, but I don't know how I got them... lol

Edit2: gawhie why you have deleted some cards images?
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