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Josh dashed up there stairs to get his gun. Meanwhile, Rhosyn was waiting in the lobby, and was watching people leave to go after the creature at the docks.

"Come ON, Joshy! Get your ass in gear!" She raised the large staff in the air and struck it against the ground: the two symmetrical blades of the axe erupted from the staff, sharp as ever. She looked quite menacing. And conveniently enough, Josh was running down the stairs, shotgun in hand.

"Okay, okay let's go!" He jumped the three last steps and ran up to her. Rhosyn then grabbed him by the arm again, holding her axe with her other, and bolted out. Soon enough, they made it to the docks..

"What a gorgeous little bastard he is!" Rhosyn exclaimed while looking on at the creature.

"Uh yeah, totally." Josh started to infuse his gun with light magic; it started to glow a bright yellow. Once he was finished, he raised his palm into the air and created a circular platform, made of light. He then made two others, nearing the creature.

"There ya go, have fun." With that, Rhosyn jumped into the air, holding her axe in both hands, and hoped on the platforms to get close to the creature. She swung her axe at the creature's neck, aiming to cut its throat, then jumped back onto the nearest light platform.
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