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"Lake monster, mayor wants it dead. We're all getting paid for this! Now get your ass in gear and get ready!"

"Oooooh, sounds like something we can have a massive party for after we kill it!" Ergus said excitedly. He followed the bulk of the guild moving to the lake, looking around every so often. Looks like he shook them off. At the lake, the monster conveniently sprung up from the watery depths of the lake, just as most of the guild arrived at the scene. "Woooooow~, it's pretty big!" Members of the guild promptly got into position and armed themselves. Ergus took a look around, and settled for a nearby house as his sniper's nest.

He rang the doorbell of his chosen house, and waited a bit. Then rang it again. No answer. Weeelll, I'm sure the owners won't mind a broken door, it's for the greater good! Ergus brought out his revolver and shot around the door handle a few times, then kicked the door open. He climbed to the attic of the house, and threw a lamp through the window. As he was going to load his bullets while setting his sniper up, he found he only had two bullets in his pockets. Oops. Riiiight, I forgot to restock on ammunition...I'm sure the other sniper will cover for me! He loaded up his paltry sum of bullets anyway and took aim.