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"Oli-Oli! Why did you run off like that yesterday? You're so mean..." Olifen felt her vibrations coming. Quickly putting his hood back on. He felt somewhat bad for how he had been angry at the guild mate for stabbing out his eye. That was something that shouldn't matter to him. Still he pretended to not hear. Better to solve it later than when being busy.

Just then, the door to the guild masters room flew open and out ran the mayor of troubled town. Sweating buckets that soaked through his shirt. Ahrima leading the way once more dragged Olifen through the door and both were soon sitting in front of the fear some master.

"Max, me and my friend Ahrima have done stupid things. Because of those things we had left the guild. We both with to be a part of it once again," Olifen removed his hood, being safe from the eyes of others.

"I heard of the new lake monster. I feel a lot of banging against the earth of the lake. If I'm feeling it right. It might be best if you just let us join now and let us help with getting rid of the damned pests," however small she appeared to be, Ahrima was giving an aura that purely demanded order. Maybe this wouldn't end up as well as he had hoped.