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Qay looked around at all the patrons, wondering how many of them were residents he knew, how many were residents he should know, how many are residents he will know, and how many aren't even residents at all. He then heard the guy behind the counter (Berry, he thought his name was) scream something about a fire. Qay decided to be the better man and no panic though, after all, the fire systems were up to snuff (he had just checked them yesterday.. well the last dozen, the others he checked a month ago). He turned and saw the blue bag on the counter. What was in it? A surprise? It wasn't even his birthday until 367 days from now. "How much?" he panted, a little out of breath from his early morning run (should he start a jogging club?). He'd have to check the gravity control later to make sure the rings were rotating at the right speed.