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Ahrima felt a slight force push on her shoulder. Then again and again until she woke up. She lazily opened her eyes and saw that it was Olifen, dressed.

"I'm not that surprised you would sleep through an earthquake considering that you've been using earth magic now. Get dressed. We'll see what happened," she got up quickly and started getting ready.

Olifen has moved over to her store of books. Placing his hand on the closest one and sighing. Picking it up he opened it to a random page and tried tapping his index finger on the spine of it. Nothing, the words gave off no vibration. He couldn't read anymore.

Ahrima came out of the wash room and they both headed to the door, wearing the robes they had on from last night. "You lead the way, I'm still not good with reading the sand that's around here. Too soft."

"Wait, we should see the guild master first then. We won't get any credit if we act without being part of the guild, right?" Olifen gave a slight smile. She still wanted to challenge them. He hoped that Lari wouldn't be there this time to ruin the fun.