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Im trying to patch the Netmarble/kr client for SDGO but Im having a problem. I get to the patching and it starts of with 7kbs. after a few seconds it drops down to 0 kbs, meaning it stopped patching entirely.
Im using the Internet Exlporer to "start" the game. Firefox just leaves me with a blank page after clicking the game start button. I also just go manually to the side with IE because Firefox is set to be my main browser.

on top of that I get a error popup page everytime I log into my accout. I just close the window and Im still logged in as it if the window never appeared:

I would also like to know what the 3 checkboxes in the patcher are for. they are all checked by default so I assume I should leave them there.

I assume that the numbers to the left of the shown kbs are the time left until it finishes. these numbers just go up nonstop because the kbs are at 0.
I have to start over everytime this happens. sometimes it doesn't even start patching at all and stops right before the kbs are shown.

Im at 504/4,094 due to restarting the patcher all the time but surely that can't be normal, right?
Im living in germany and running Avast if that helps.

also, Is there any way to download the patches seperately? like, are there alternative download thinks for them? anything?

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