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Ahrima had been standing outside. Listening to what was going on. They figured out too soon. That damned new voice was interesting. She gave a slight tap of her foot to tell Olifen to get out when possible.

"Tch. I have no idea who this 'Oli-Oli' is. You should figure out my name before accepting my challenge! I'll come back tomorrow, next time you guys better know my name," with that he ran into the dining area and then up the stairs. He knew where he was going, his old room had a window he could jump out of and meet up with Ahrima.
"So, they found you out," Ahrima had ran around the building to meet up with Olifen as he jumped out the window. He looked defeated.

"Yep, I guess we'll just have to try it again tomorrow. Hopefully Lari won't be there to call me out. Until then, where do we stay?"

"Even though it has been a year since we left, I still have a house. My friend has been taking care of it. We can go back to living there," he gave a shrug and they headed towards Ahrima's house to think of what to do tomorrow.