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Default Kyzuumi's Scientist Guide

Welcome to Kyzuumi's latest guide for the pure lion class in Trickster Online. Well, you may ask yourself, why on earth would I want to play a lion? No one plays sense! Well, let me tell you, lions are one of the more fun classes I've played on Trickster Online. Lions utilize guns. I mean, honestly, need I say more? That's already pretty hot. You run around toting your gun and shooting everything in site. Lion's are decently good at farming due to their arsenal of a few AoEs, are fast paced so you rarely get bored, and they kick ass at bossing. Interested yet? Prepare to proceed further into Kyzuumi's Scientist Guide.

This is what is referred to as a build graph in Trickster Online. It's 4 numbers in sequence. The default build graph given for a lion is 2143, which translates into 2 Power:1 Magic:4 Sense:3 Charm, and the stat types are always in that order.

  • Power. The stats within power are AP, AC, and DX. AP is attack power, and is worthless to a lion. AC is your gun power, and is a very important stat. Dexterity is also worthless.
  • Magic. Everything here is useless for you, ignore them all.
  • Sense. You are locked into a 4 in sense because you are a sense type. The stats are DA (Detect Ability, a fox stat), LK (affects block rates and gun accuracy) and WT (weight to carry more yummy pots and BULLETS YEAH)
  • Charm. Charm is probably way more important to a lion as opposed to Power stats, because HP is VERY important to stay alive as a gunner. Without a shield to compound HP on to, every little bit helps. The other charm stats are DP (defense) and HV (hit evasion)

Every time you level up in TO, you are given 4 points to allocate to a stat. Along with Build Graphs, I will recommend where to put these 4 points.

The standard build you are given, it's pretty solid. There isn't really anything wrong with this build at all, it's very balanced. I recommend that if you select this build, to go Pure AC.

The glass cannon build. You can do a lot of strange things with this build (Pure AC, Pure HP, Pure LK), but I strongly do not recommend this build. If you are up to the challenge, then by golly, go for it. You'll potentially spend most, if not all of your equipment, trying to make up for the HP loss. This is due to not having a "true" AC buff (one that multiplies), so in reality probably 90%+ of your AC comes from gear. And as you'll learn later, all of a lion's AC more or less is obtained from gear.

Not much to say about this build, it's somewhere between 4141 and 2143. Again, AC is suggested.

The build I chose, in fact. I knew I'd make up more in gear for the AC I'd lose and I took the HP instead. My lion at level 150 could get 16k HP and in the 300 AC if I recall correctly, which isn't half bad. I suggest absolutely nothing other than pure AC for this build.

So why not suggest pure LK? Well, as a scientist, you don't have a lot of skills that may need LK like your hybrid counterpart. Unless you really plan to PvP (and then I'd just suggest cyber hunter anyway), then I wouldn't suggest pure LK.

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