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Guild: Frenchbread

The pair had been moving behind the buildings to avoid anyone seeing them. They came up behind the guild.

"Alright, feel it out," the smaller one spoke in barely a whisper.

"Okay okay. Hold on," the taller one then waked up the to wall of the building and placed his right hand on the wall while tapping on it with his left.

"What do you see?" He tapped a few more times and then spoke.

"It's crowded. Very active. This will be sure to put on a show," he turned his head slightly to look at his small female companion. A large smiling spreading across his face. A single scrap of cloth covering his eyes.

"Alright then, let's get to it," They ran around to the front and the larger one kicked the door open, yelling with a deep voice that no one would recognize.

"Alright Dies, I'm here to challenge this guild in a battle of my choosing!"