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"Mmm no, can't say I have. Are you in some kind of trouble?"
"Did you piss off some crazy mafia boss or something?"

"No no no no, just some friends, why would someone have a bone to pick with me?" He just smiled to pass it off as nothing.

"Don't worry Lari, he'll only use you as a meat shield when they draw your guns."
"Oh okay... Hey wait! That's horrible!"
"I'm kidding."

Ergus shook his hand, "Now now, even if I was to use someone as a meat shield, they would most definitely not be my dear guild members!"

"Ergus is always causing or in the middle of trouble. Going after the girls who like dangerous men?

He took a sip of his beer and responded to Melody in an endearing tone, "Awww, do I really seem like that type of guy?"

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