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Default [Val]entines Day Event

Hello and welcome to my Valentine’s Day Event Guide! 8D In short, Val’s event!

I saw another guide about this so, if you guys wanna check that one out aswell, here’s the link -

/forum/trickster-onl...air-event.html by miss coolbluex :3

I know there’s no need for 2 guides of the same event but she put it in the screenshot section of the forums, and I usually put these in the quest guide section, so I decided to post one aswell. Been busy digging and afk’ing randomly all day q_q.. So it took me a while to finish this.

Anyway! I’ll get straight to the point, cause we all want the cute equipments <3

To start the event we need to go talk to Favian in Megalopolis Square so let’s just go ahead and do that. He tells us he’s sure Vinosh will send him her chocolates this year and asks us to go get it from her cause he’s too ‘prideful’ to ask her himself. Vinosh is waiting in Event Garden – Ceremonia. She tells us the guy that caught her eye seems very mysterious, lonely and full of contradictions.. (Favian..? Mysterious? o:.. Didn’t think so.. poor Favian :<..)

Carrying on, Vinosh tells us to meet [Alchemist Nate] at Megalopolis Square to make chocolates for her. She also mentions [Eloy] is the one that will give us the other items she wants. Let’s go get Nate’s quest first. He’s missing a couple ingredients, especially the [Edible Rose]! Let’s go get those from Farmer Tsetsech @ Southeast Forest, then we can go and get the quest from Eloy @ Desert Beach Field 3!


Main Quests:

Favian – Favian’s Concern (1 Cycle)
[Wants: 1x Vinosh’s Chocolate]

Vinosh – You can be honest… (1 Cycle)
[Wants: 1x Gift Wrap, Love-Love Ribbon & Nate’s Special Chocolate]

Side Quests:

Alchemist Nate – Nate’s Secret Talent (5 Cycles)
[Wants: 25x Edible Rose]

Farmer Tsetsech – The Harrowing Path (5 Cycles)
[Wants: 5x Monster Quest – 10 (x) Rose Eater in 10 minutes]

Depending on your level there’s

- First Love Rose Eater
- Pure Love Rose Eater
- Favorable Love Rose Eater
- Affectionate Love Rose Eater
- Weak Love Rose Eater

They’re all on the same field which you get teleported to. A pretty easy to do quest.

Vagabond Eloy – A Sweet Tooth Once a Year (5 Cycles)
[Wants: 50x Sweet Chocolate Sauces]

Dig around in Desert Beach Field 3 to find [Love Chocolate Boxes] You can find these boxes anywhere on Caballa Island though.

* Love Chocolate Box *

The items you can get from these boxes are;

- Sweet Chocolate Sauce [-Which we need for the quest.]
- Rich Dark Chocolate
- Honest Chocolate
- BlackChocolate
- Rose Fairy Pet
- Love Hunter Pet
- Choco of Love Skill Card

* Choco of Love Skill Card *

After we’re done handing in everything, we will have to go back to Vinosh first to give her the items and chocolates she wanted. She says she can’t give us Nate’s Chocolate and adds “How dare Favian take my chocolate!” Instead she gives us Vinosh’s Chocolate! Let’s go give it to Favian against her will ..she doesn’t have to know :< ..

Back at Favian.. he’s obviously very happy to get Vinosh’s chocolate, he even adds how his tears of joy are falling like waterfalls!!

Our reward is a Favian Card and 4x Favian’s Thank You Sticker, which is just enough to get all of the pieces of the level 60 equipment (+ the accessory) To get the level 120 ones you need to hand in your level 60 equipment and an extra 200 Love Chocolate Boxes.. So if you want the whole set but level 120 instead of 60, you need to dig an extra 800 boxes.. Wonder what they were thinking when they made this event. :l …Maybe they weren’t even thinking…

[Edit] Talking about the fact they were probably not thinking reminded me.. the pets and boxes are -not- tradeable. The skill card and chocolates are though. Ingame event pets not tradeable.. >: Boo!

Fun way of abusing us to get 50 Sweet Sauces 8D!

Thanks for reading this guide :3 Hope you will all have a very nice Valentines Day with your loved ones, family and friends.


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I love you

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