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Originally Posted by Vixen
Are you serious on the bolded parts? @_@ Bunnies, mages (excluding Soul Masters) AND raccoons are all -way- overpowered, and what are the side effects from IR/PC? Bunnies do not need an AoE skill as they are supposed to be 1vs1 type characters only, so basically giving them an AoE skill is like fox bait, as they can OH KO everything else already.. ;-;
Bunnys are NOT ment to be 1:1 only, they just excell at 1:1 and as other types like cats, raccoons are also mainly 1:1 then why not take away their aoes if bunnys can't have. Also every type character can 1hko monster with the right stats just like bunnys too so should they not have aoes then?

Other type skills only require on the stats to inflict damage while raccoons need conditions, cats, bothe power and magic require ap/ma/att/hv/ac to deal damamge that is only reduced by monsters stats or if ur debuffed but raccoons have failed skills compaired to other types.

Ip/pc: requires high of hp stat to inflict good damage, but dammage is easly reduced by loseing hp and is also reduced by the monster placement around your character along with how much it is it is pushed back. Big draw backs for people who don't have 60k+hp and after having 40k hp with most higher lv monster surviving the skills or it missing with over 240ac i erased the skills becuse the aoe skills were useless compaired to other characters aoes (even siren song was more usefull for me when i had a cat, more accurate, more damage and more monsters being hit).

Meta: Short time limet, reduces some stats, skills require high mp to use, meta takes too long to cool down, the skills you can use are weak compaired to other non meta skills coon can use and other characters and as punishment for useing the skill you lose hp/mp when it ends.

Full house: the skill damages you if it fails (and with 200 lk it still failed too much for me to use). How many of the other types, strong skills in the game hurt you if they fail? None, just raccoons because raccoons have crap skills compaired to other types with only card strike and one paire being useful.

card summon: deals ranomd damage and requires mets for some reason, i don't know anyone who uses it.

If this type had that many draw backs then what is the use having it, they arn't really tank characters and only have 1 useful dp increasing skill which doesn't last longer.

All other types (including soulemasters) have more reliable skills that can be strong with the right stats while racoons suffer for their skills and it makes them pointless to have as i could just go for a cat for a hp/hv tank and still have powerful attacks with no drawbacks (love volly kick/dodge master and 2hit combo) and hybrid cats also get the best benafits from pure raccoons too (one pair+lady luck) so pure raccoons really suck in skills and suck ath what their supposed to do.

More strong skills (hopefuly aoe card based ones) for raccoons with no drawback and 1 aoe for bunnys.