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hmmm....I do agree on Many of the things you Posted. I also wish they adjust the dragon's 2nd and 3rd fashion. I still have a irritating feeling when they seem so feminine in-game, Sheep's dress to be padded down rather then inflated outward making look semi fat, Coon's Duke to look something else then the color of mud or what i had for Dinner in the Toilet.

The idea of your "summon" was exactly what i had in mind for the Fairy Char's 2nd or 3rdish class. Summoning a monster and have it last like 1 minute with you at max TM lvl, etc. Another thought was for that was when its at lvl 1 TM summoning skill the monster looks like a infant and as the Skill lvl the Monster looks more cool and powerful per lvl when summoned. I would love to look forward to your Mouse character if you do ever plan to post it, if not then maybe on the next contest.