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Originally Posted by Luc
I try my best not to mimic any skills that exist in Trickster, But thats kinda hard.
There I think is where my character ideas differ from yours so much. I specifically designed mine to fit in with the current mechanics of the game and to follow some of the trends that exist in the current characters. Hence I decided to give my Mouse a transformation ability because that is a feature of the other charm types. Also, I assigned the Snake's boomerang to the 'ammo' slot so the character could also equip a melee weapon and shield. However, having written that, maybe it would make more sense to have it equipped as a 'shield', i.e. off-hand weapon.

Trickster could certainly do with having increased diversity of weapon types and combat styles, but it would require a major adjustment to the current equipment window and what equips are available to each class. Personally I think it's rather silly that a boxer can use swords to attack and that the Sheep can wear a shield when a pair of wands or some extra rings would be more suitable.

And regarding the summoning idea, I read your pure 3rd Phoenix skills and I think that's a great idea; classical deities fit in very well with Trickster's setting. My idea of a 'summon' though is a separate creature similar to the guardians that follows you around and that you can command to attack or do other things, rather than just summoning something to do an attack and then it disappears again.

If I get round to it I might post a pic of my Mouse and some background info. The skill tree I'll probably save in case another contest comes up.

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