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Originally Posted by Skyart
  • Snake. Male Power type: fast melee attacks, also equips a boomerang in the ammo slot allowing for various mid-range attacks.
  • Deer. Female Sense type: classic ranger-style class, using traps to catch and debuff enemies, with access to both gun (or bow if Trickster implemented those) and knife skills. This was my original idea for the contest, but I thought it would be far too unoriginal seeing how common rangers are in pretty much every other MMO in existence.
  • Mouse. Female Charm type: Summons various animals and plants to attack and provide buffs for team-mates. She can transform into a vicious fighting rat in order to access attacks of her own.
Not bad, Great Ideas. Some else said I should add a Ranger/Arrow/Hunter type attack style when I was Making up the Panda / Phoenix chars, But didn't cuz both chars were Charm type not Sense. I Like the Boomerang attack style, But why in ammo slot?, Cuz won't the weapon just come back to you after throwing it? I also like the thought of summoning style for the mouse. But isn't Morphing skill already exist in Cats and Coons skill tree? I try my best not to mimic any skills that exist in Trickster, But thats kinda hard. If you haven't Noticed, I tried adding necromancer attack style to the Phoenix char I made in the character creation event(summoning gods or goddess to aid in battle for 3rd class). I was going to Make the Fairy 2nd class an all Summoning Monsters attack style with a saxophone weapon magic. I Had other thoughts of summoning either in a Charm Class or Magic class too, But I did not Post any 2nd or 3rd stuff on the post cuz of Lacking ideas,to Lazy to Balancing which char needing it, Making up job names, and Drawing the Images for them.
Originally Posted by Skyart
I might post my ideas here sometime, but seeing how unpopular my entry was in the contest maybe I won't...
Oh, no by all means post your ideas. Even though the title was just for my other Character Creation chars that didn't make it, but More ideas and opinions can really give people some Imagination and Thoughts on Trickster. Like i Said before i was lacking ideas for these other character's 2nd and 3rd job skills. Its kinda hard to think up ideas alone that trickster was not imply into the game yet. Who knows, Maybe one day your ideas will be on the next Character Creation event in the Future or not. Or maybe even put into the Game itslef, which i highly doubt that would happen....
Originally Posted by Skyart
BTW: the owl was my entry, the magic bird was Quebee's
-facetodesk- oops sorry about that, it shall be changed.