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Those are some great ideas and far more original than any I had... of those my favourite by battle style might be the dog (pistol+melee+crowd control sounds like a good combination) or the owl (Trickster really lacks a support/buffing class).

I had a few other ideas for characters including
  • Snake. Male Power type: fast melee attacks, also equips a boomerang in the ammo slot allowing for various mid-range attacks.
  • Deer. Female Sense type: classic ranger-style class, using traps to catch and debuff enemies, with access to both gun (or bow if Trickster implemented those) and knife skills. This was my original idea for the contest, but I thought it would be far too unoriginal seeing how common rangers are in pretty much every other MMO in existence.
  • Mouse. Female Charm type: Summons various animals and plants to attack and provide buffs for team-mates. She can transform into a vicious fighting rat in order to access attacks of her own.

I also thought of a few tweaks to my Owl character to make him a bit more original and direct the class progression more along the lines of chemistry rather than being academic. Instead of using a skill to add elemental attributes to attack skills he would equip chemical bottles in the ammo slot.

I might post my ideas here sometime, but seeing how unpopular my entry was in the contest maybe I won't...

BTW: the owl was my entry, the magic bird was Quebee's

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