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Originally Posted by KirovReporting
doesnt matter if its slow on melee
its got anti-melee flinch
besides, its been proved on the SDGO strategy board that agi doesnt increase atk spd

for strike noir, u have 3 choices
give it attack like a rock
give it speed to maximize booster extension's efficiency
or give it def to maximize defense up's efficiency
anyhow, c hp is necessary, that thing's hp stat is that of a B rank's
as for me, i planned on giving it c hp+3speed+6def

for akatsuki, just go all attack
giving it hp or def to make it less fragile is like pouring water into a jug with a hole in the bottom
UUuuhhh wow Agi doesn`t increase melee speed ? oh crap, I know he has anti flinch but then he`ll be very wide open to support ranged attacks and SP.
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