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Finir immediately jerked his head around to where Cecily had indicated with a shout:

"Finir! To your right, a long-armed creature!"

He was too late to react, however, for the arms of the shrieking roper had flailed and coiled around Finir's neck just above his white (still muddied) neck scarf, binding him to a choke hold. In reaction, Finir removed one claw from the puddle in front of him and placed it at his neck; in turn, one of the watery claws had dissipated into one of the hovering water sentinel discs skidding its way across the ice.

Gasping to catch oxygen, the feminine Phantasm kept shrieking in triumph as she squeezed tighter, its eye at the abdomen widening at its invisioned impending climax.

"Two can play at that game,"
Finir thought to himself. He grasped down hard on the tendril arms with his maw as he let the chain on his right arm uncoil, his other arm and tail still in the puddle, merely intimidating any new incomers from getting any closer to the azure dragon. He flung the heavy chain at the roper with a side swipe that successfully wrapped around the abdomen of the fiend, where the eye started to look frantically as three rows of chains blinded its sight.

Finir tugged hard on the chains as they squeezed down on the eye, and her coiling arms also tightened their grip around his neck. The Phantasm and the azure dragon were at a stand-off. It attempted to shift his neck to the side, but his muscles held strong and resisted. The Dragonkin was still tightening at its eye. It seemed that both could have given way at any moment.

It was surely no time to be honorable, however, for the azure dragon allowed a culmination of icy powder collect into a solidified spike within his maw, but he struggled and staggered at times due to him being choked and his head nearly being snapped out of place. Eventually, the powder could be seen gathering and forming a sharp as he widened his maw, and Finir shot it at the Phantasm's most vulnerable spot: the eye.

With a clean nail, the sharp edged its way slightly outside the other end, and the vertical shaft of a mouth at the neck started to scream like it was in a pain like no other on Utgard. Finir detached his chains from its body as it fell with a fading sigh onto the ground. Immediately, the azure dragon felt at his neck and coughed a few times.

"Hellish wenches," the Dragonkin complained. "Have nothing to do with those arms but ring them round my neck like harlots..."

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