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IGN: SakiaLumei, Arphage
Class: Aran, Blaze Wiz lt_treasurehunter
Level: 9x,3x
Guild: Cupcake

Oasis amenities:

Library: A collection of books -- some rare -- from all over the cosmos. Quiet with comfortable chairs.
General shop: The main trading station.
Cafe - "Stardust" : A small eatery for residents and visitors, fucntions as a socialization area. Serves snacks as well as full meals. Known to have excellent coffee.
Bar - "Blue Amnesia" : A bar. Kinda self explanatory.
Restaurant - "Aroura": When you want more substantial food than the cafe has to offer.
Park: A small park with a flower garden. Though seemingly superfluous, it's considered to be one of the more important common areas in Oasis.
Post office: Located in the General Store. Even though technology lets us instantaneously send each other letters and videos, someone has to deliver parcels.
Inn: Because not everyone wants to sleep in their spaceships. Some people want nice comfy beds, even if the rooms are a little small.
Tinkerer's shop: Need something fixed, or want something awesome made?
Ship Dock: Travellers need somewhere to park and board.
Medical Bay: Where people go if they get hurt.
Salon "Magnetic Rose" : Someone has to make sure everyone is groomed and looks good.

Resident only areas:
Living quarters: Small and slightly cramped, usually inhabited by families, though young adults will also often share rooms, same with elderly/adults without children/grandchildren, due to limited space.
Gardens: There's three different gardens, the public park, and the two private ones specially for the residents. The residential gardens are in the living quarters, dividing them into two sections.
Farms: A small greenhouse room where most of the food and oxygen is grown. There are four of them within the residential area.
Gym: If you don't work out, it messes with your bones D: D: D:


Shop details:

Stardust Cafe:

Stardust is where people often gather to socialize and hang out. Their pastries and cookies are good, but the real treat here is the coffee. The proprietor, Shayne, is good at what she does, and in addition to serving the typical espresso and cappucinos, she also makes some more exotic choices, like turkish coffee, or even specials from neighboring planets. Stardust offers a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks and treats, from ice cream to tortes, milkshakes to iced tea, all of which carefully prepared and made with love. Shayne usually has three helpers, working differnt shifts. Her son, Eric, takes over when she's off the clock.
Manager: Shayne
Assistant Manager: Eric
Wait staff:

Blue Amnesia Bar

Lovingly referred to as "Blue" by it's patrons, Blue Amnesia is where the adults gather to commiserate and socialize, over the finest in firewater from around the galaxy. Their stock usually changes to depend on what's been brought in recently for trade, but the main bartender, James, is slick and clever, and very good at improvising. He can always be counted on to make something tasty, or even just something that will knock you on your ass, if that's all you're looking for. Blue also offers some tasty snacks and bar food, as well as Karaoke night every week, and ammenities inclue a two pool tables. Bar employs 3 bartenders and 3 Wait staff.
Manager: Verde
Wait Staff:

Aurora Restaurant

When you want a place to sit and eat as opposed to just a hang out area. Aurora, like Blue, is also often limited by what people bring in, but the station's garden often grows plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables for the meals. Kala, the head chef, loves her work, but is very strict with her workers.
Manager: Karen
Head Chef: Kala
Kitchen staff:
Wait Staff


Books are often brought in by travellers and traders alike, and Melanie, the head librarian, often barters her own belongings or rations for new books for the ship's collection. It's cramped, with lots of tall shelves, but it has a nice, comfy little reading area. Residents are allowed to check out books to read in their quarters. Despite the computer being very good and accurate at keeping track of all the books and their locations, Melanie makes it a point to know where everything is, which can get very difficult at times.
Head librarian: Melanie

Magnetic Rose Salon

Though most people that come here just do so to get their hair trimmed, Vera, the lead hairdresser, has no problems with helping people become more beautiful than nessecary. Magnetic rose offers all manner of beauty treatments, but also has machines for change of hair color and even offers henna tattoos when there's supplies in stock.

Tinker shop

A small shop run by a genius tinkerer, Malakai. He can repair most anything, and can make nearly any mechanical device you could want. He doesn't make weapons though, they just aren't his thing. He works in the shop with his daughter, Emmie.

Medical Bay

The clinic has two resident doctors and currently employs 5 nurses. The medical bay takes care of dental work too.
Dr. Bear

Police Station:
Who you gonna call???

General Shop:
The trading post where people can barter their items or place orders for items from planetside. Patrick, the proprietor employs two people, one being his daughter, Vidalia. The General shop also doubles as the post office.
Patrick McLeod

For travellers to stay when they don't want to sleep in their ships.

Maintenance crew
Doctors help sick humans get better, Maintenance people help keep the ship from getting sick.

NPC List:


Note regarding NPCs:

I'm allowing control of NPCs within reason. Stick to their personality, and if you want your character to fall madly in love with an NPC...well, too bad, someone else will have to RP him for ya (but it's still allowed, just make sure it makes sense).

For the NPCs that don't have descriptions, feel free to make up some personalities and physical descriptions. I'll most likely approve them, as long as it's not something outrageous. Don't make NPCs that are another PC's parents/siblings/lover without their permission.

You're free to make new NPCs, just make sure to follow the template.
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