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Default TO INFINITY AND BEYOND (Space Scifi OOC thread)

Space Station Oasis (temp name)
Sci-fi Space RP

The floating station of Oasis is exactly what the name implies: It's a place for tired space travellers to rest and restock, or to trade their wares. Due to the distance from any of the major planetary settlements in the area, those who work in Oasis are all residents, many of them born to families that have been living there for a while.

The station itself can be likened to a giant hamster wheel, a giant spinning ring, pulling everyone via centrifuge, with the floor facing outwards. There are three sections in the ring, with the residential areas and the farms in the outer ring, the shops in the center ring, and the Inn and mechanic areas in the center ring. In the very center is a spire that keeps the station in place and provides a non moving area for ships to dock. The reduced gravity in the spire allows mechanics to move parts with greater ease.

Residential Population: About 200 strong, with people coming and going - Young adults and teens leaving to see the rest of the universe, Older adults who have lived here for a long time, longing to retire planetside, or new people who are tired of starflight and wish to settle on this floating paradise. Even runaways and stowaways come to call this place home.
Welcome to Oasis! This is pretty much going to be a slice of life type RP where we can all just mess around and make stories with dramadramadrama as much as we want. It won't follow a traditional storyline, but as new space ships come in, they will bring in NPCs that will bring with them Stories, small little episodes that we can do to give our little space people some fun in their lives. Maybe one day we'll have zombies. Maybe one day we'll get infested with CATS. EVERYWHERE. Hell maybe one day we'll have to throw a giant freaking birthday party. With us not being set in one genre, we can do nearly anything.

To register, Fill out the character sheet (in the character info section, of course) and link it here in the thread. You guys know the drill zzzz

Capping out at 8 Players. I don't think I can handle more. up to 2 PCs allowed GOGOGOGO

-All player slots filled-

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Character sheet:

HTML Code:
[B]RP:[/B] Space Station Oasis (temporary name)

[B]Occupation:[/B] If your character is older than 15, you need to choose one. See below for available jobs.



For the purpose of simplicity, we're all humans. Different planets have different countries with their unique cultures. If you want to make something unique like some weird food or music, have at it. I'm curious to see how crazy this can get.


Note on how to choose jobs:

All Jobs other than Mechanic, Maintenance and Park Caretaker have limited slots. There's plenty of variety but it's first come first serve.

Maintenance crew - There's a lot of work to be done on a space station. From life support to dock work to simple fixing of lighting.
Librarian - Someone has to maintain the library.
Gardener - The ones that maintain the greenhouse.
Park Caretaker - self explanatory.
Waiter/waitress - Working in the bar/cafe/restaurant (specify which restaurant you want to work for, see below).
Bartender - Professional drink slingers employed by Blue.
Shop helper - people who help with stocking and trading at the general shop.
Mechanic - The bulk of jobs are centered around aiding travellers and fixing up their ships.
Beautician - The workers of Magnetic rose live to make you fabulous!
Inn Keeper - Working to make the inn clean and comfortable for travellers.
Nurse - Helping keep people alive! (must be older than 20)
Doctor - I'm going to stop before I make a Dr. Who joke here. (Must be at least 25 (one slot only!))
Law Enforcement - Keeping the peace!

Societal Rules:
Due to the mix of cultures and the higher quality of the level of education, the age of adulthood is now 16. On board Oasis, it is mandatory to have a job after you reach 15. The age allowed for leaving the colony in other pursuits is 16. The legal age for marriage is on oasis is 17, but the legal age for child bearing is 18, and only with permission, as there is limited space and resources. People of any age may come to live in Oasis, though children require a family to look after them.

Families and adults are given a ration of groceries, but are also given a wage for trading with offworld visitors, though much of the trade in oasis is dependant on bartering, as there are not many exports, so currency within the station is limited.

Medical jobs require studying and testing, all of which can be done from Oasis, the youngest one can be and get their liscence is 20 (assistan/nurse) and 25 for a doctor.
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