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Cecily bit her lip hard as she proceeded to heal her wound. The pain was intense, but she had to go through with it, else she'd lose her leg. Needless to say she was impressed at how Finir fought. He was doing quite well, defeating any crawlers that got near them. As healed her injury, she noticed a stray roper crawl out of the nearest street, and started to walk towards her and Finir! She tried to push it away with her wind magic, but even when the creature fell from the power of the wind, it quickly got back up and started to run now. Cecily was extremely weak, and on top of it she was concentrating on treating her wound. She really couldn't fight.

"Finir! To your right, a long-armed creature!"

Meanwhile Boris continued on with his carnage, ripping apart the many crawlers with his massive jaws and shredding them with his claws. However since he was so busy taking care of what was on the ground, he didn't notice the two pairs of flyers that swooped down on him. They clawed at his neck and back. He quickly turned his head around and stretched out his neck, picking one of the phantasms from the sky and crushing it with his jaws. He was basically getting swarmed, but he wasn't doing so bad. However he didn't notice at all what was going on over where Cecily was; if he looked away for even a second he could get very badly hurt..


As she saw the spikes of ice head her way, Ania quickly started to spin her whip in front of her. She shaped her beads into sharp diamond shapes with earth magic and diced the incoming ice, annihilating the small spears. When the shards cleared, she noticed a familiar person fighting the monster woman and the boy.

"Is that.. Charil?" She muttered to herself, blinking in surprise. What a small world.

Ania was about to fly up to where the young boy and the monstrosity were, but she stopped when she saw the "creature" blow her ice breath. She waited a bit, then flew upward at her and pushed her left palm forward, creating a strong gust of wind aimed at her mouth.
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