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Default Things you want to buy

Doesn't matter whether or not you have the money to right now.

Just post things that you're planning on buying or really would like to buy!
Doesn't have to be clothes or beauty products.

This really cute scarf will satisfy all of my winter-needs. A scarf with mittens and a hood, so awesome! IT HAS EARS.
YESSTYLE: D.P-Shop- Inset Ear Accent Hooded Scarf (Black - One Size) - Free International Shipping on orders over $150

I'm an avid fan of SHINee and when I went to the states in the summer to Koreatown, I bought a bunch of their CD's but held back a little (as in, I didn't buy out the SHINee merch ;-; ). I want to add this to my collection:
YESASIA: Page Not Available - North America Site

Very cute shirt, but the size would definitely not fit me. >:
YESSTYLE: PUFFY- Inset Tee Lace-up Top (Black - One Size) - Free International Shipping on orders over $150

Plaid Skirt <3 (I'm obsessed with plaid)
YESSTYLE: CLICK- Pleated Mini Skirt (SK452 - Navy Blue - M) - Free International Shipping on orders over $150

Very cute shoes
YESSTYLE: Holly Shoes- Open-Toe Platform Lace Ankle Heels (Black - 245) - Free International Shipping on orders over $150
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