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Finir was very well relieved that Cecily had recovered; for a moment, it seemed she was on the brink of letting her soul fall down into the fissure, accepting the offering down its jagged throat as the drop led down to the Styx. Finir tongue, like a chameleon's, did not allow such a thing to happen; it extended itself and jerked her soul back into its delicate vessel, the azure dragon's maw snapping shut that led to life.

The Dragonkin nuzzled against the maiden for a moment, then let himself off from the top of her body as she slowly propped herself on shaking arms and chilled hands, eventually healing herself. A moment afterward, she pointed a hand toward an alleyway, where a Phantasm swarm of crawlers were attempting an assault on the three reptiles, being led by three boar bears. Finir's mane immediately bristled upward with a bellow from his throat. Boris told the Dragonkin to stay with Cecily, and take care of any that had passed him.

The azure dragon rooted himself in front of Cecily on all fours, swishing his bladed tail about to his sides. From his front claws, a powder gathered in both his palms. He began to ice over the flooring and bare grounds before himself, spreading and creeping along the ground behind Boris. Finir then also spat out three watery discs that slid around on the ice like patrolling sentinels, and a forth hovering puddle disc in front of himself.

Perhaps the bears thought it best to target Boris first, since he was charging alone on his lonesome; they may have figured they could overtake him in raw power. Leaving the lavish dragon to them, the dozen crawlers set their sights to the still azure dragon and his delicate maiden.

Finir immediately acted; eight of the twelve crawlers made their way past Boris, while the other four supported their three bear fiend companions. Seeing this, Finir immediately stuck his claws and bladed tail into the puddle before him...and from the three sliding puddles on the ice sprouted larger, watery versions of his two claws and tail. Two of the crawlers hesitated for a moment, then continued their advance.

The azure dragon shifted his arms and tail around in the puddle, reacting accordingly to the crawlers' movements and attack patterns, though they slipped around on the ice-covered ground. Finir lashed his watery tail downward like an axe to a crawler's head, splitting it in a fine resounding of flesh and bone suddenly splaying open like the top of a Jack-in-the-Box. He slammed a claw down at two others, impaling them on what body they had left with briny nails as he swept it across the ice to hit another away into the rubble of a nearby building.

One had advanced too close. When Finir realized this, he chimed a note from his throat that seemed to make the ice before him react. At that moment, ice spires came jutting out, impaling the unsuspecting crawler. The last crawler advancing on Finir managed to close some distance, close enough to where it could spit acid at the dragon and nail him. It spat its fill, and it nearly caught the azure dragon off guard. Another chime, one sounding of steel bars hitting against each other, managed to bring up a thick square of an ice block that stopped the acid from barely getting through. At the last one aiming for him, Finir let out a steaming hot jet of water spew forth from his maw, nailing him into a grab from a salty claw. The claw clinched down on the crawler to where it was completely covered in water, eventually drowning.

Tossing the crawler to one side, Finir taunted a roar to his other enemies, then looked back to Cecily with a smile.

"Do not worry too much, Cecily,"
he said evenly "I won't let anything get by me to you and your patients. You have my word."

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