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((OOC: Last paragraph is ania.. not cecily. screw up on my part. ;; ))

Cecily was incredibly relieved to see Finir and Boris. She almost didn't believe they were really there, that she was hallucinating. As the two fought off the monsters that surrounded her, she collapsed to the ground and reverted back to her reptilian form by accident. It seemed like she was losing control of even her simplest abilities.. The pain was really overwhelming: she felt as if she was being burned by scorching fire and stabbed by thousands of needles. Her body twitched and shivered as she lay sprawled out on the ground. She was about to close her eyes in resignation, but she opened them suddenly as she felt something damp and soft on her cheek. It was all so familiar..

" ..inir.. F-Finir.." She looked at him and smiled weakly; "D-Don't worry, I can heal myself.. Just pro- nnghh.. protect the house.." She breathed in deeply, trying to calm down. "M-My patient has her grandchildren here.."

Cecily struggled to sit up, her arms shaking violently as she pushed herself upright. She stretched out her injured leg, which was still bleeding, so that she would be able to start healing it. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a dozen crawlers run out of an alleyway towards the group, lead by three bears.

"Look over there!" She pointed in that direction to warn Finir.

After Boris had finally killed off the last few phantasms he attacked, he ran towards Cecily and Finir and let out a low growl; he seemed so disappointed in himself, and frustrated. Before he could say anything, he turned his massive body to were Cecily pointed, and growled as he saw the approaching phantasms.

"Finir, take care of Cecily! Make sure the ones that get past me get what they deserve!" With that he ran towards the alleyway and lunged at the leading bears. Meanwhile, Cecily placed her hands over her wound and they glowed. She was extracting the foreign substance, the acid, from the wound. The fingers of her left hand dripped with acid which dissolved the ground it fell upon.


Ania gasped in amazement as she saw Drake's form change: silver hair and sunset eyes.. Kai's traits, no doubt. But when she heard the person identify himself as "Akaito Kagamiya", she had no doubts. It really was Kai's soul that was possessing Drake's body. That explained why he was acting so odd. She was about to fly up to him and Anna, but when she stopped in her tracks when she saw the insane amount of air that the girl was breathing in. She quickly hid behind a large piece of rubble, so the sound waves would bounce off its surface. Still, the sound was great and it really hurt her ears. When Anna stopped, she quickly vaulted over her cover and ran up to them, rubbing her ear with one hand and readying her whip with the other.

"Daaamn.." She then glanced at 'Drake', and spoke to him quite casually; "Nice hair. You gotta teach me how to bleach it that fast." She was only kidding, of course.
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