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Originally Posted by Minuss
lol we.
Im pretty sure your just a tester. There is only one person developing this and he only made the MYSQL tables, and yeah what iko said he just took most of the files from taiwanese and the renshou.

btw if you want to keep the project up you shouldnt make threads like this. ijji will take legal action and just take everything. just like what happened to odin
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Originally Posted by Minuss
Of course they can... Nexon America was in a different country than where Matze and Serp were hosting Odin (EU) and now look at Matze and serp. Sued for like 600k USD all servers/comps taken away.

ahhh that's kind of scary. Anyone want to do some more research on copyright laws for us? We looked it over and it seems they can't do anything unless they have copyright set up in australia. Which, honestly, would probably take them a year or two before they would set anything up.
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