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Cecily cried out in pain as she was bit by two different phantasms at the same time. Her body collapsed under their weight and the blistering pain she felt when they pierced her flesh with their teeth, the acidic saliva dissolving her skin and scales.. She struggled a bit and managed to kick away the phantasm that was chewing on her leg, but she couldn't shake the other one. She decided to transform into her dragon form. Since she was young, she wasn't nearly as large as Boris. Porbably half his size in his dragon form, but her neck was quite long regardless. Cecily reached around to her back and bit the creature, ripping it off her wing and threw it into the distance. Meanwhile the phantasm that bit her leg recovered and lunged at her. The hybrid dragon jumped to the side to dodge it and fell; her hind leg was badly injured and bleeding heavily, and she could barely maneuver at all in this condition.

"D-Damn it! Damn it all!!" She roared out in despair, but her mouth was clamped shut by a flyer that attacked her jaw, cutting it with its claws. She shook her head around to try to get it off, and meanwhile more phantasms were crawling up to her..

Boris was flying overhead, and arrived just in time. When he saw what was happening, he instantly transformed into his dragon form and roared out in anger: he was absolutely furious. He would not let another person be taken away from him, especially not Cecily! He swooped down and breathed an intensely hot blue fire at the mod of phantasms that were running to Cecily, and they quickly burned to their death. Once he landed, he lunged at two incoming bears and bit one of them with his massive jaws, thrashing it around and hitting its comrade with its bloody body..

When Ania saw the commotion that was going on with the phantasms and the sins, and how Anna decided to help out, she thought it would be best to sit back and wait for her chance. For her to interfere would probably complicate things, so she waited till the time was right before she attacked.

Man, this is insane.. just what the hell is going on??
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