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Default Luc's Character Creation and Character Ideas

While the Create That Character Trickster! Voting was going on, I gave some thought and work on some animals / characters that didn't make it to the Voting pole. There will be no Skill Tree list, Due to my laziness and heavy load of Description, Damage, Math Calculation and Balancing Classes.
NOTE:These Characters are Not going to be Used in Trickster

Power Type:
Silambam Monk

Gatka Student

Magic Type:
Fariy Flutist

Owl Guitarist

Note: Ideas came from Skyart's Owl and Quebee's Magic Bird From the Create That Character Event entry's

Sense Type
Chicken Fire Fighter

Dog Investigator

Charm Type:
Panda Sailor

(View original one in Create That Character Trickster! Voting)
Phoenix Socialist

(View original one in Create That Character Trickster! Voting)

There are also some Ideas that came up in between the making of those char, But did not come around to it on make any Character images or Detailed Descriptions. Might have forgot some while Listing them. Look at List below:
Monkey (Power)
Horse (Power)
Frog / Polywogs (Magic)
kangaroo (Power)
Pig (Sense)
squirrel (sense)
Deer (sense)
Zebra (Charm)
Polar Bear (Charm)
Sea Otter (Magic) [Rizzy's Idea]
Elephant (Magic) [Tanto's Idea]
Tanto's joke: " The First Time You Play, When you Logged in and Scroll for a Class to Choose, you see a ELEPHANT MAGE!"

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