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Originally Posted by MegaBoy740
There also seems to be some kind of valentine event they haven't posted about yet, but sent out emails about. Collect more tokens/coins and turn them in for an OP valentine cs item! lmaooo.
Didn't they do that to almost EVERY event out here in ijji?
Take tokens/things and turn them in into cs items.
Okay it's getting off topic.

This event seems unfair to me since those who spented alot/myth'ed alot and gotten lucky for gears have a really high advantage those who have normal forted myth gear (5k str).
Im not participating into this.
Originally Posted by Finkster
Sigh, I thought people just choose the characters, which they like... Maybe it's just me, But I didn't look at how much damage Dainn deals, I just chose him as my first character, because I liked him the right way...
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