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Default [MSoTW] [31/01 - 06/02] Freedom

(Thanks to Melty for the picture)


Weapon 1: MA-M01 "Lacerta" Beam Sabres

Standard 5 hit combo, but pretty rare for a Scissor unit. Most Scissors have a 4 hit combo with their melee.

Weapon 2: MA-M20 "Lupus" Beam Rifle

12 Ammo beam pistol. Has a medium reload rate.

Weapon 3: MMI-M15 "Xiphias" Rail Cannons

3 Ammo Double shot railgun and deals splash damage. Has a medium reload rate.


Phase Shift Armor - Reduces the damage of ballistic weapons. First introduced in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

N-Jammer Canceller - Gives infinite dash boost when the unit's HP drops below 50%. First introduced in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

-About Freedom Gundam-

Freedom Gundam was the second mobile suit of the infamous Kira Yamato, the main protagonist in the series Mobile Suit Gundam: SEED. Freedom appeared halfway through the series, not so long after Strike Gundam's destruction in a duel with Athrun Zala's Aegis Gundam. Freedom is one of the units equipped with an Neutron Jammer Canceller, a nuclear-powered engine that isn't affected by the N-Jammers (devices that render Nuclear powered machines useless) placed by the people of PLANT on planet Earth. But enough about that. Perhaps Freedom Gundam is most famous for its endless stream of beam laz0rs in the series, which was made even more popular by its pilot's favorite catchphrase.

Kira Yamato: "I do not want to kill anyone!"
Freedom Gundam: *Full Laz0r Burst!*

-Massive explosions all over in the sky-

Nuclear-powered Gundam that could fire infinite bursts of lasers without no drawbacks at all.

While Freedom Gundam was extremely overpowered in the anime series, the SD Gundam Online version of Freedom however, is a little different.

[SD Capsule Fighter Online Freedom]

Skills and you

Freedom still retains its Phase Shift Armor from the series, as well as the N-Jammer Canceller. The Phase Shift Armor reduces the damage from ballistic weapons like Vulcans, Gatlings, Bazookas, Missiles pod launchers, Homing Missiles, and Railguns.

N-Jammer Canceller is another useful skill to have. Once your HP drops around 50%, Freedom will get infinite dash booster, meaning the unit could travel in dash state without consuming the boost gauge at all.

Whattabout weapons?!

W1: Believe it or not, Freedom has a very good melee potential which is very uncommon among the Scissor units. Freedom is given a 5 hit combo and the first strike comes out pretty quick. I've seen several Freedoms that could play the suit with only the beam saber, how much more with its full potential.

W2: Your standard beam pistol. Although nothing special, it is actually quite strong and being a single shot beam weapon means you could quickly shoot and hide from your enemies.

W3: No, you don't get the Full Burst of multiple laz0rs. Instead, you get a railgun that fires two cotton balls forward. The energy balls happen to have a short travel time unlike the instant hit beam pistol, meaning you have to aim it like your bazooka.

Is that it?! Where's my laz0r spam?!

*Sigh* The multi-lockon laser beam spam is on the range special. Oh yes, Freedom gets a Range Special which could hit multiple opponents from a distance.

-On the battlefield-

I personally prefer the advantage of a FULL ATK stat build over C HP/OC Def survival build. Full attack ensures that you'll get massive hurt on your opponents even if you miss some of your shots.

Freedom Gundam at first glance is no better than an A rank on Steroids. Why play Freedom if its so dumb then? Well, Freedom lives up to the Scissor's creed of versatile play. Even if there's a huge amount of better scissors out there, Freedom stands out because of its simplicity combined with extreme versatility in combat. It doesn't have big flashlights nor homing weapons, but it does give you the opportunity to change your gameplay anytime you want to.

Freedom is mainly a support unit in my opinion, but it could also play aggressively with enough skill. W1 swings fast, but do not get carried away. Freedom CANNOT take many hits. What Freedom excels most at is its ability to perform well from the midfield. Having a good Freedom user could double the DPS given by your team. Freedom is best played with its switchspam shooting style. Believe it or not, one Freedom is barely noticeable when paired with stronger units, which makes it a good support suit. People tend to attack the stronger suits that they see, which leaves Freedom to openly shoot at the busy opponents. I've seen so many games where most Freedoms are ignored because the enemies only attacked the enemy HAC or Sandrock EW. Freedom shoots fast with the switchspam rally (w22-3-22-3), and even high HP/Def rocks would die quicky after taking that many hits. It is also advised that you move with a team mate (or team mates) and take out the enemy paper along the way when given the chance. Solo patrol is good too, but danger always lurk from every corner (unless you're playing gundam fight). Saber play comes into mind as well, but it is recommended that the player break the melee combo at the 2nd hit and circle around to the back and gain critical hits with the 3-4th hit, and then finish with W3. If you know your enemy's allies are coming, do not stay and escape immediately.

Freedom could also easily counter most rocks that doesn't have any weapon to catch them, like God Gundam and other pure melee suits. God Gundam cannot chase Freedom while in N-Jam, which leaves the unit to switchspam it to death. If you find yourself out of ammo, retreat.

Other Annoyances and Tips

By now most of you might have noticed that I refrained from talking about Freedom versus papers. Well, it is simply because Freedom is an auto-win suit against most papers that try to get near it. While most papers get the solid range advantage over scissors, no good Scissor would be foolish enough to chase a paper from the end of a map while knowing there's a rock stalking nearby.

Now, on to the good parts. Despite Freedom being a generally fast moving unit, that doesn't mean it doesn't get harassed by many rocks. This section is about avoiding those general annoyances.

Deathscythe Hell Custom - The best way to avoid this is to be vigilant and stay alert AT ALL times. The best way from not becoming an easy kill is to stay awake even at the early stages of the game. If there's buildings, always remember to lock on and make a mental image of your opponent's locations. DO NOT be a hero and rock and roll with your guns. It WILL get you killed, especially if there's stealth suits around. Stay from a good height since chances are that the DSHC will try and go for a nearer target. Keep a good eye out for these assassins. If you lose your focus, you'll lose sight of them and get backstabbed. Don't worry about the vulcans. You have PS armor for that. Once you hit 50%, you'll have your N-Jammer that you can use to run from the DSHC. Always use your team mates as a bait, and then shoot when the opponents get lured in. If a direct contact cannot be avoided, take it to the skies and switchspam. Just don't get caught in midair or you're generally screwed. Though its not so hard to see semi-transparent walking silhouettes.

GNAE (GN-Arms Exia) - Lazors and more lazors. Avoid being in its range. If playing an open map against this brute cannot be helped, make sure that it DOESN'T notice you that much or it'll be hard shaking it off. Its a generally good idea to stay behind during the early game stages to avoid getting focus fired on. Dodge the lasers, its not that hard. If it purges, make sure you have your team mates to cover for you. If the GNAE is busy, make sure your hits land on the back. Always keep your distance, but don't be too obvious.

Tallgeese III - Now this suit is annoying as hell. Strong melee, Long range flashlight and a bullet zero rod. I often use vaccines to avoid the bullet zero ailment and by then the heat rod still puts a good hurt on me. Taking it down with a paper is a pain, how much more with a Scissor, especially high Def ones. It is a good idea to stay behind your team mates at all times and make sure to join your team when they're locked into battle with a T3. Also, avoid going out alone since SOME T3s like to stalk for potential kills too. Make use of a buddy system, preferably a good paper. Shoot a Tallgeese when its engaged in battle with your team mate.

Justice Gundam - You do not want to play the camping-behind-walls-and buildings game with this guy. He can wait all day like a creepy stalker and jump on you when you aren't looking. The boomerangs hurt and they reload quite fast. The melee will most likely OHKO you depending on your build, but a smart justice will probably chip you off little by little with boomerangs until you're soft enough to kill.

Nataku and Sandrock EW - Equip vaccines and run like hell at all times, 'nuff said. When given the chance, shoot like your life depended on it. Save your Spec for these enemies. DO NOT get caught in a 1 vs 1 because chances are, you're gonna get your arse handed to you on a silver plate. Keep your distance and stay vigilant at all times. If there's a Nataku around, do not stay in one place all the time and do not let yourself be exposed in wide open areas. If you get reeled in, begin your melee combo when you're almost near the Nataku.

Vaccines on pubs?! Yes, make sure you have it on AT ALL times. I have the money for it, so why not? o_o;

Miscellaneous tips:

Do not be in a hurry to spec, even if you wanted that kill badly. Freedom has enough power to take down badly injured enemies, and do not spec unless necessary. Specials are made to take out strong enemies and specs should be your last resort or trump card. Plus you DO NOT want to waste your N-Jammer.

Freedom's railcannons do slight splash damage, meaning you'll still hit against people who take cover from near the edge of the wall. Also, Freedom's railguns does have a decent straight trajectory most of the time and it doesn't really curve or separate if fired with a stable hand. You can boost sideways then fire and your target will still get hit, provided that you predicted the enemy's position to collide with your shot.

Always conserve your ammo. You're not a Strike Freedom just yet. Your ammo is limited, and only fire your railcannons to step up the DPS rate. Your weapon will always be your beam rifle. Remember to poke and shoot, make your team mates as bait, and do not spec unless your life really depended on it.

N-Jammer could also be used to gain unlimited airtime. Boost upwards a bit and then boost sideways while in midair, ascend slowly and then boost horizontally until you reach the skies.

And now... A Freedom Video! Credits to Lilith693 for the video.

And another one from Melty!

(No, this isn't my video. I'd love to make one, but I lag like hell while recording. Maybe next time.)
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