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Originally Posted by Riolu
I get the feeling of puking, instant diarrea, i can't concentrate and i feel as if my organs start fighting each other like raging cats in heat.

How does it affect you?
Oh yes, stress is very horrible. While most people play down feelings, you can't really just ignore them since they are inevitably a part of your physical body.

Normally when I get stressed out, I just chat to people and pretend nothing is really wrong. Other times I'll run around asking people for advice and make jokes about the stressful situation I am in =P Usually after that I can think of something to handle it.

Maybe you just need to find someone you can open up too, someone you can trust! It doesn't have to be a lover, it can just be a friend =)

And if all else fails, it doesn't hurt to cry! Shedding some tears now is far better than throwing up later ;_: ( used to get nauseated when stressed out ).