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More info about the Skill Books cited from Elsword HQ:
Thanks to Endgame for the names and tangowr for posting.
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Quest - 腳踢 Damage increase 200% Kick 刺骨痛楚(Scroll Name) - NPC Camilla*PVP NPC*
Quest - 大地斬 - Movement distance Increase 50%, Increase to total 8 Hit Assault Slash 突刺步法的建議(Scroll name) NPC - Touma(Behemoth Weapon NPC)
Cash Shop - 升龍斬 - Knockdown chance decrease, Cast speed+10% Air Slash 無限攻擊的理論和實踐
Cash Shop - 狂野之風 - Left and Right increase one more blade, Total Hit increase to 8 Rising Slash 平衡即是真理
Monster Drop - 怒火燎原 - If no hit, recover 85MP, Damage increase 20%, no knock down(?) Fatal Fury 男人要懂得適時地退後
Monster Drop - 反擊 - After successful Counter,temp increase of Def Parry 解除危機的方法
Monster Drop - 霸體 - During Super Armor, Atk UP, Will not take damage when hit? CD down. Stoic 維持緊張呼吸和強化之法 (X-Map and Hellmode only)

Quest - 約束之環 - Enemy after released from statis, get reduced Movement 20% for 10 sec Binding Circle 精神禁錮(NPC Touma)
Quest - 魔力之盾 - Damage absorbed +20%, Can take 3 more Hit Uber Mana Shield. . 堅固防護罩的便條 (PVP NPC)
Cash shop - 黑暗之雲 - Enemy caught in it Move and Jump reduced 30%, Poison increased 5 more second Poison Cloud 使用毒時沒有慈悲心
Cash Shop - 魔法導彈 - Magic Missle speed increased 50%, Total hit doubled Magic Missle 隨心所欲的飛彈
Monster - 傳送術 - After teleport, gain 0.5 sec of SA Teleport 不滅的靈魂
Monster - 連環火球 - Damage Increase, Burn effect last 10 Sec Chain Fireball 火燒法
Monster - 火焰之環 - Add one more Fireball, Damage Increase 10% Circle Flame 數量決定一且

Quest - 飛天之舞 - CD reduced 1 sec One of these is Reflective Kick 再跳躍的機會II (PVP NPC)
Qyest - 魔力之箭 - Without awakening, can pierce 4 enemy, Damage increase 15% Rail Stinger 強大殺傷的貫通力 NPC Touma(Behemoth Weapon NPC)
Cash shop - 導引箭 - One more Arrow added, Movespeed +30% Guide Arrow 追趕的困難
Cash hop - 月夜之舞 - Slash move speed - 50%, Combox3, damage decreased 33% Cresent Kick 突破臨界點
Monster - :鳳凰衝擊 - Crit chance up, Burn effect last longer Phoenix Strike 和強大的不死鳥交流
Monster - 花瓣之舞 - CD - 1 sec Back Tumbling Shot 再跳躍的機會I
Monster - 射擊姿態 - Shooting speed increased Siege Mode 箭矢特殊處理法

Quest - 暗影步伐 - Distance and Move speed+50% Shadow Step 閃電步伐 (PVP NPC)
Quest - 爆破打擊 - No Knockdown, Stun effect 2 sec Earth Breaker 氣絕打擊 (NPC Touma) Behemoth Weapon NPC
Cash Shop - 飛天之刃 - Increase number of hit Flying Impact 暈眩的免疫
Cash shop - 黑暗方舟 - Increase number of hit by 2 Arc Enemy 爆破方式
Monster - 炸裂之手 - Fireball speed decreased, Will push people now. Cannon Blade 最棒的秘技!
Monster - 烈焰火車 - Cast speed increased, MP Cost reduced by 75% Burning Rage 愉快的奔跑
Monster - 暗影步伐 - 60% Chance to not Knockdown Shadow Stab 效率暗殺

Quest - 生命轉換 - When cast, 30% chance to not decrease HP< CD+5 sec Energy Conversion 共同謀和(PVP NPC)
Quest - 女王侍者 - First hit from summon will no long knock down, also will reduce Knock down gauge Dimension Link 串聯召喚 (Touma NPC)
Cash shop - 女王之鞭 - First hit will not knock enemy away, Damage increase 10% Explosion Impact 嚴厲的調教
Cash Shop - 突襲命令 - Number of Hit 1+4 Sonic Wave 護衛系統修正
Monster - 電磁黑洞 - Range+30%, Damage+10% Generate Blackhole 黑洞Ver.4.0
Monster - 透明化 - Every sec recover 10MP, CD+10 sec Cloaking 寂寞的等待
Monster - 電磁之核 - Charge time -33%, Damage+10% 迅雷般的充電速度

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