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"But Fiiiiniiiiiiir~!" Kai whined childishly, "Dragging people around is sooooo fun!" He then laughed and once Boris returned with cups he handed Kai one. The incubus began to spin it on his finger like a ball. Only it wasn't a ball!

"Why ask? Go on and enjoy your time here with her," Kai said with a grin, "Live today like you're gonna die tomorrow. Or something. Just don't tell us what sort of things you two do behind a random tree or something." He laughed again and nearly dropped the cup, but quickly recovered it before it could hit the ground, "Saved~"


Late evening...

Drake was back home now. After getting chewed out by Kana for a good hour or so they were now eating supper like a normal family.

"Hey dad," Drake began as he cut at a piece of steak, "I ran into a blond guy earlier who was hiding his face. Said he was a old colleague of your's. He was around my height I guess, and came off as fairly refined I guess, speech wise."

Kana blinked and looked over at Locke as if saying 'Could it be.. Makoto?' She took a drink of her wine.

"He was pretty creepy too," Drake munched on a morsel of steak, "Hiding his face like that.. Is he some kind of serial rapist?"

Kana nearly choked at that last question.

Drake asked, "Hey mum, you okay?"

Kana lightly laughed, "I-I'm fine..."


After hanging out at Boris's place for a while Kai left in the late afternoon. He ended up running into Rune and hit the bar with him. After chatting about the most random things and even screwing around with some poor patron's minds Kai left the bar. As of now he was hopping around some rooftops while singing a tune to himself.

"Hurry up and move your slow ass
I’m not here just to hang in your shadow!
Bow down right now, make your face hit the damn floor you disgusting narcissist!

That tiring appearance of yours is so pitiable that even I’m at loss for words
Know your place, you annoying, cross-dressing, perverted pedophile!

You’re just wasting your time, how can you not notice?
Get this through your thick skull already!

You’re so pathetic, you’re so pathetic, you’re so pathetic!
Realize that you’re a pathetic amateur already!
You're a useless person, you're a useless person, you're a useless person!
You’re such a laughing stock, everyone sees who you are!
Not that it really matters, you don’t have to apologize
Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, what a boring man!

Kai continued to hop on along but then as he was about to turn for another building he just happened to see a certain blondie brooding in a rather lavish looking manor! He hopped a bit closer and got down on his belly so he wouldn't be noticed as easily.

"Oh hey.. it's Makoto," Kai mumbled to himself, "He looks like he's bursting with sunshine and happiness and rainbows complete with ponies and hotwheels."


Makoto was brooding in his room at his parents manor in Chokma. He was happily (?) being antisocial when a flash of light shone in his room! He shielded his eyes with his hand and once the light subsided he saw it was none other then his old cohort.

Fortunata of the angel army! Unless she held a new position now that the war is over and that they were thwarted. Anyways the woman had quite a different appearance to her now; short black hair, scarlet eyes... Her choice of dress were black leggings with a short jeanskirt and a black tank top complete with heels and a beat up leather jacket. Trails of what looked like a nasty scar were only shown a bit on what parts of her chest were exposed and one of her hands was completely wrapped in bandages.

"Hello, Makoto," she greeted, "Nice to see you finally got out of prison," she held out to him an envelope, "I have a letter for you from my employer, please read it thoroughly and tomorrow I will return to hear your answer in regards to it's content."


Fortunata!? Kai's eyes widened at the sudden appearance of the woman! He continued to watch and noticed she gave Makoto an envelope. What is it that she wants from him now after one hundred years?... Hopefully she doesn't want to start another war...

The incubus cursed the fact that he couldn't hear what they were saying and that he couldn't read mouths.

OOC: try to avoid running into kai, plot reasons ect


Kuroko was skating around town like usual.

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